PARISS OIL" is a blend of 100% pure & natural oils and herbs that work together to make your hair fabulous!!  Do you have relaxed or natural hair that is tends to revert in humidity?  Do you have naturally curly hair that won't get or stay straight for an extended amount of time?  OR relaxed/processed hair that's dry and/or dull?  Add life, body, vitality, shine, softness, and bone straight results to your hair!!! 
Your hair can be healthy, beautiful, soft, and silky straight!  For best results, just wash and condition your hair, removing all product buildup, add "PARISS OIL" and blow dry/air dry, and then flat iron for that straight, silky style.  Your hair can get straighter than ever before with body and silkiness unimaginable!  And best of can stay that way, even in humid conditions, without using additional heat styling!  Hair can stay straight until you wash it, when used as directed!

Natural Hair and Body Care